Friday, 15 July 2011

What defines a Great Recruiter?

Staffing has always been a challenging Human Resource function and hiring cost-effective resources without any dip in the quality is one of the most indispensable tasks a recruiter performs. Having said this, it’s important that we discuss all those key factors that shape up a “Great Recruiter”.

Recruitment has never been a rocket science; however a certain league of experts stands apart making the entire function an amazing fixture. What makes them so different; what its takes to be a ‘Great Recruiter’? Let’s pen down few of these molding factors:

  1. Market Intelligence: Comprehend and analyze the market. Have a regular brain bank updation of pertinent industries; for a technical recruiter a good understanding of skills, technologies and products are highly essential. MI can also aid in substituting related expertise for certain technologies/products.

  1. Responsiveness & Rapport building: Terms that has immense values in the HR function. Many of us who are into Staffing carry huge amount of stress to ensure timely closures and fail to respond to our customers who could be our hiring managers, clients, recruitment vendors or even the candidates. A well defined process has to be followed to ensure effective communication across levels. Hiring managers are to be communicated on the recruitment progressions and challenges that we counter during the hiring process; Candidates are to be intimated about the profile status irrespective of the feedback. As Paul J. Meyer has rightly quoted, “Communication--the human connection--is the key to Personal and career success.”
A good calm environment has to be maintained with the business. We would always have pokers in various forms, try ignoring them and not to lose cool. A proper communication channel would ensure creation of composed atmosphere and legitimate relationships.

  1. Use of Innovative recruitment strategies: Doing things the out-of-the-box way could always win approvals and applauses. Try highlighting these innovations and their benefits to your peers. Maintain a process, self-appraise your performance and make that attempt to contribute extra than from your portfolio.

  1. 1:1 Conversions/closures: How often does this happen? You get a niche requirement; start Working on it with intense enthusiasm, but at the end of the day you wrap up with Zero success. I presume we would have ourselves witnessed this many times. This clearly conveys the existence of a gap. A smart recruiter has to step back and analyze the business demand. Ask the business for those 10-12 points that decide the providence of a profile; screen and email profiles, highlighting these deciding factors. This gives a strong positive impression about the profile on an overview and a regular practice can earn better conversions and quick closures.

  1. Networking: Have a good network maintained, both professional and social. Never let any possible learning opportunities pass by. Ask questions, suggestions and help. Self branding can also be of great help in budding networks. Start your own professional groups/blogs, share your experiences and thoughts, and accept suggestions.

Staffing has become highly complex these days, let’s all pause and understand what sets us apart from the masses; understand the importance of long lasting relationships and ensure we stand out from the crowd.

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